Dating a guy who's living with his ex girlfriend?

i started chatting online with a guy and then talked on the phone for a few days and we get eachother so well and we can talk anything and interesting things

but here's the problem, we met once and we talked and talked and he brought the girlfirend subject, he said he had a girlfriend and moved in together but they started to fight a lot and now they're broken up but they still live in the same flat, which has only one room. but he said they aren't together anymore and he can't throw her out cause she's from another town and her parents let her with him here so he has to take care of her. it's really fucked up

but my question is, are they broken up and i am just a rebound to forget about her, or are they still together (btw he hasn't accepted my request on fb) and he wants to cheat on her to get revenge, or... he's saying the truth. i don't know


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  • you're too young for such a fucked up situation. Run to the hills and find someone with a normal life.

    • haha good point, i don't know is just that we get along so well, maybe we should be just friends but it would be awkward now

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  • sleeping with his ex? wow cool not so common

  • Run away before he convinces you to have a threesome with his ex.


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