Should I give up and move on?

Hi everyone,

Here is my background. I started hanging out with the guy who told me he likes me but doesn't want to hurt me because he is bad in relationships. I overlooked that and kept seeing him. During one of our fights he told me he can't be in a relationship because he has issues ( we never spoke about our status but we were pretty much a couple). Since then I was leaving him every two months saying that "this is not what I want" and every time he would be doing everythng to get me back. In meantime, he was a wonderful "boyfriend".
He is telling me that he is sorry his life is the way it is and if I could be patient he might be able to have a real relationship in the future. I guess I can't be patient even though I love him to death.
Recently it was my birthday ( i stopped seeing him two months ago) and he made sure to stay up late and be the first person to wish me happy birthday at 12:01. The next day he asked to see me but I said I can't keep seeing him while having feelings for him (we already had 100 conversations of this type). This time he just said ok.
Yesterday I texted him and he said that Even when I amarried and have kids and he is maybe with someone "stupid enough to put up with him" (his words) I will always be someone special because feelings don't just go away.
I can't see myself with anyone else but this is killing me. Should I move on or give it a try?
Thanks for readiing

When I say he is a wonderful boyfriend ig means he really tried. Like he would come back from vacation and after 12 hours of flight he would first call me and want to see me ( and then the family and friends). He would make me dinner when hungry etc.
Any guys please


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  • I have no idea whats going on in his head.

    All I know is I was once 'someone who was bad in relationships' and so was he. We spoke for hours about how we always hurt people and never feel as deeply. But we fell in love.

    Turns out when it's the right person and the feelings are there - you stop trying to over-complicate things and find reasons not to date (we live in different countries so we had lots of reasons not to do this).

    However it could be totally different in your case. Maybe he really does want to fix himself for you
    If you really want to stick it out but prepare yourself for the reality that he may never be on board and he just isn't that into you.

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