How to win him back?

Guys, please help me. I met a wonderful guy and I ruined everything. As i was hurt a lot in the past, I was suspecting him that he wants me to be only his booty call or want to get me in bed only (we had 3 arguments already), but everytime when we were together, i felt fantastic.

Last time he called me to his flat for a dinner and i overreacted that it is too soon and told him he should have more respect for me. I have talked about it with my guy friend and i completely understand that it was a stupidest thing i have ever did.

Today I wanted to make it up and i sent him following note:

Me:Hi (his name), let me invite you today for a lunch in indian restaurant (his favourite one)- I think I didn´t react well yesterday, so I feel it is up to me to clarify and explain & apologize for accusing you for some things.. but i have my reasons and wanted to tell you about them later (too personal), but if you will know you will completely understand
you need to eat anyway, so this lunch is on me :)
if we will talk, you will understand that this is really not about you and your behaviour, so give me chance to explain as I did a week ago

He responded after an hour when I already gave up and went on lunch alone:

"hello (my name), well I think you ask too many explanations and want also to give too many of them... I just thnik they are not necessary (I told you I'm not so complicated).
However for lunch I'll go about 12.30 - 13.00 (i usually go ealier) and I know it's too late for you :(

I replied by following: "okay, but my offer is still valid, even for a dinner or next lunch"

he didn´t reply. later that day he appeared in a coffee shop where i hang out to greet his friend (he usually doesn´t go there so often), but didn´t say hello to me..

how can i fix this? I think he is worth of risk, so please tell me if i should just wait for him or do something..

please help.. at the beginning he did all the chasing, he apologized, now i think he got fed up by me.. i just want to tell him that if he gives me chance and if he helps me to overcome this, i will open up and give him all my love.


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  • As long as he isn't seeing someone else already , you are still good, all mistakes outside cheating should be forgivable, just try to ask him out again later.

    • What if i would ask him out tomorrow, exactly at time he proposed? I would say that this is the last time I´m asking and will pop the question.

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    • our common friend told me i should be more open and should show my feelings, otherwise he can´t know what am i thinking. the incident upset him, because he told me that he woke up completely broken that morning, same as me.. do you think i should wait until he initiates a contact or should i be initiative? you know, i didn´t want to be needy - i even told him that i won´t be ever angry with somebody who doesn´t want to have a relationship with me, i would appreciate him also as a friend

    • in my opinion , i think you should wait until he initiate... he seems have no problem with initiate things first , when he completely over that incident , and if he is really like you , he will surely approach u again later..

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