A guy had been giving secret glances, am I a special one for him or just an object of desire?

There's this guy I have a crush upon. I got a crush upon him when I saw him staring at me and when I accidently turned my eyes towards him, he turned his eyes away. Also few times he complimented me over my hairstyle and eyes. Often he says I have a pure heart. Few days back when I chatted with him he said to me he prefers to remain in a shell and he doesn't want to come out of it otherwise I won't be able to handle him. He is very reserved with me as well by nature. He is not very fun going. He also said to me that he is torally different from what he seems within and that he is very passionate and caring but as he is my classmate he is afraid of scandals. Does this guy have any interest in me? If so then why he said he doesn't want to come out of his shell of reserved personality? Does he have pure feelings or see me just as an object?


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  • It sounds like he is interested but somewhat aloof and a bit of a loner.
    He's complimenting you, sharing with you things about himself (even if they're just cryptic statements like how he prefers to remain a shell).
    It seems he is interested and is either standoffish, in general, or is just afraid of getting attached because he's been burned in the past... or it could even be both.

    If you like him, I think you should try to make more of an effort to be around him and talk to him, keep getting to know him. Exchange contact information so that you guys can keep getting closer and making each other feel okay about the direction things are going.
    Get things moving along. Ask him out and see how things evolve.

    Good luck, come back and tell us how things go!


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  • How do you feel about him? Do you have feelings for him?


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