Why does he mention coming back from Overseas in this text? Anything to it?

So I sent a text to an older guy who I have a thing for out of the blew. It had been a couple of months, just to shit stir him, about the Footy. His team was winning at the time and made a joke about the opposition catching up. He responds with...

Hello lovely Miss (my name) - currently in London but back next week - go the Roooooosters xx

Anything regarding the context of this text? Did not even know he was in London. Why mention it? Or is he just being friendly?

My friends think that cause he mentions coming back from London he may wanna see me but not so sure... Thoughts?


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  • Are you sure this guy is for real and no scammer cause most will talk to you the way that guy did you
    have ever saw or talked to him on Skype , these things you really need to look into and remember
    if this guy starts asking for money than that's a bad sign, he may ask you to pay for his Internet a bad

    • Oh no it is nothing like that!! Ha ha. I do know him and have met him in person. Just have not spoken to him in a while and sent a text to him out of the blue one day.

      Just wanting to get a males opinion on the text that's all lol. Would never let myself get caught up in that shit. No way.

    • Yes he might want see you sounds like it

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  • Maybe he was just having a conversation and there's nothing more to it then that