So I don't really have any dating options in terms of the normal places one would look?

I live in a smaller town and I don't really have any dating options in terms of a lot of the normal places one would look. dating sites there are like few if any members in this area , people don't seem to use them much. bars aren't busy this time of year and its more guys who go to them and the girls who work at them already have bf's. there is no one at work to date at all , mostly work with guys or older married women. aren't any neighbour girls to date either that I know of.

now I realise there are other places to meet people outside of the traditional ones I mentioned just not sure where to look or how to go about things at this point


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  • i would say you for sure should try to move out of your town... it sounds boring im just being honest... your a grown man you should venture out... i live in california and it hurts me when i think about small town people because i feel like im living a beautiful fun filled life in california... come to cali or move to the city..

    • i did go to college before in 2 different cities , I live in Canada and went to college in Ottawa our capital city for a couple years. I also had a traveling job at one point and had opportunity to visit numerous other cities and stayed overnight sometimes . so I have seen a lot of different places in recent years.

    • Hang out in Toronto

    • yeah I've been there before but its such a different scene than up here and way bigger city than I'm used to. there is a lot of girls there but more urban type girls and not exactly what I'm used to meeting and when I do meet more urban girls here things usually don't go anywhere and I find they have rather high standards in guys

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