Eyes are confusing me what on earth?

I'm 16, never had a boyfriend. We kind of sort of went on our first "date" yesterday. I don't really know if it'd be considered a date, but anyways We're good friends. His eyes used to stare straight into mine, but lately I've been noticing that he isn't looking into my eyes 100 percent of the time like he used to. He will look away, but when he does look at my eyes, his eyes will wander to my lips.


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  • Looking into someone's eye 100% of the time gets a bit weird , come on , there's an ENTIRE PERSON standing in front of ya , and if he's glancing at your lips.

    Girl , I tell you HE WANTS to make the connection. He's just seeing if you're gonna notice... it's a feeling game you see.


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  • do u like it when he looks u straight in the eye?
    actually u might be interested in my post:
    girlsaskguys. com/girls-behavior/q1162793-girls-when-u-exchange-eye-contact-with-a-guy-does-it-mean-u-find-him


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  • If his eyes wonder to your lips thats one sign of attraction. Either subliminally or consciously, it's supposed to mean they are imagining kissing you. Or at least that is what I have read lol.

    • Well after I learned that, I started to intentionally glance at my crush's lips.

    • Yeah I heard about that, but like why does he look away? He always uses eye contact when he talks to people.

    • Apparently he's imagining kissing you or might feel awkward looking into ur eyes!

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