Is there ever an age in which men are no longer attractive to women? because it is often argued that women have a shelf life meanwhile men do not?

Because I often wonder, like maybe when the man is in his 60's, 70's or 80's? Around what age does a mans dating/sexual market value start to decline heavily?


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  • Age is a woman's ultimate "F you" in the relationship game. I went to a swinger party and saw all these old, and mostly divorced women who lost their husbands to younger women and could only get their fantasies through a place like a swingers party. It was an eye opener.

    • 'one' swingers party opened your eyes. so every single woman there had a husband married to a younger woman?

      how many women?

      where were their husbands?

      did you see their relationships?

      were they not with anyone at the party?

      there's a lot of holes here.

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    • This is depressing :/

    • @Buchita. It was very depressing. I left early haha. A French Author abstained from sex for 12 years or so and she did it because she realized this fact and is one of my favorite quotes "If a women lives for beauty alone, she will not exist when she is older" She wanted to let go of that.

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  • thats bc women can only have kids for so long. its not about attraction. everyone fades as they get older. some people slower / faster than others.

    how many poor older men do you see with young attractive women.

    • So you saying its about kids? What about those who don't want kids? I see plenty of old guys with gorgeous women. Whether its fake love (guy probably has cash or some other power) or real love, its a reality. Put in another way, half the worlds women will still pounce George Clooney over many men, but guys would rather ponce a young Megan Fox than an old Morgan Fairchild.

    • you raised shelf life. the only thin g women can't do after a certain point is the ability to have kids. just like a lot of guys lose the ability to have an erection.

      you mentioned wrinkles not cash. we were talking about aesthetics.

      statistically most relationships are about the same age plus or minus a few years. i find the same results in graveyards. there may be a hand flu of super wealthy people (won, en as well as men) who can buy young companionship. but you were talking about attraction. not toleration for financial gain.

  • The more they keep complaining and realise its their own limited thinking that's led them to this block of brickwall. If he can't keep evolving with the diff times, he's lost touch with "reality".


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  • Neither men nor women fall off a cliff going from hot to not, but there's a decline for both. Its slower and starts slightly later for men (as men also take longer to reach their peak, and don't go as high at their peak as women do).

  • probably 70's, or maybe even 60's

  • It's kind of true. Most women will not dislike a man when he has wrinkles but all guys don;t really like girls with wrinkles and saggy boobs.