We never hang out... What should I do?

So I took a leap of faith and gave my local barista my number. Turns out he's wanted to ask for it for a while but never had the chance. We text and I still go see him at work, but our schedules don't a lot enough time for us to hang out. He works mornings and I work nights. He's off weekends, and when I'm off I'm at school. I don't mind hanging out for a short amount of time, I just want to get to know him outside of work, especially since he sucks at texting. I'm shy (giving him my number almost killed me) so I try to hint that I want to see him, but he doesn't catch on. He implied that he wanted to kiss me when he sees me outside of work and my friend noticed that he couldn't take his eyes off of me when she made her order the other day, so I know he's into me. I just don't know how much more of this I can bare. I'm getting frustrated.


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  • You need to stop texting him and not go to his work for a few days. If he wants you, he'll make an effort. If you don't make contact with him for a few days and he never comes around, he is not worth your time. You need a guy who is going ton work hard to let you know he wants you, wants to see you and be around you. Not some butted who let's you do all the work. :)