Is there potential for us to be more than fwb?

We met about a month ago, he's two years older than me. And we both got out of long term relationships a couple months ago as well. He says he wants to take it slow, and that it's too soon to get into a relationship again. I pretty much feel the same way, but i'd love to date this guy seriously. We talk everyday, both through texting and over the phone. We have similar interests. He takes me out on dates, and we're really attracted to one another. We've had sex, and it was great. I feel like were dating. The only thing that weirds me out is that apparently i'm not allowed to be at his house when his parents are there because of their "traditional" values. It sounds really sketchy to me. Whenever I start seeing someone: "Am I being played?" is always prevalent in the back of my head. Maybe i'm just overthinking all of this... What do you think? Does it seem like he eventually might want to take us more seriously?


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  • I'm sorry but I don't think you really know what a friends with benefits is. A friend with benefits is a f ck buddy. Ok? Like you f ck and then play some video games and then go home. Under no circumstance is a friends with benefits ever allowed at anyone's house with their parents, not because of their "traditional" values, but because you are essentially a booty call. You are a booty call that he can hang out with ok? You signed up for this when you signed up to be his fwb.
    Dump all of your dreams of dating this guy ok? You signed up to have sex with him and that's exactly what he thinks of you as someone to have sex with. Maybe you just aren't the type of girl that wants to be in a friends with benefits relationship that's fine, but really know what you're getting yourself into before you start developing feelings for this guy.
    Are you being played? Well, yes I mean that's the ENTIRE POINT of a friends with benefits relationship. It's to have sex with someone without dealing with any of the crap that comes with dating. Don't expect him to take you guys more seriously.. EVER. I'm sorry for being so harsh, but I'm breaking this to you hard so you don't run and get your heart broken honey. Get out of there now. If you're not the type that can handle a friends with benefits relationship that's perfectly fine. I'd break it off with him by telling him you have feelings for him.

    • GAG said my opinion was too long even though it was only 1964/2000 characters so this is cont.. "That way on the off chance that he feels the same way you guys can start over on a new leaf. I'd say something like "[his name], I really don't think that I can handle being in a relationship that's just about sex. I feel like we're getting too close and I'm developing feelings for you. I don't want to continue because I think I'd end up pushing you to being in a real relationship with me" that way it opens up an opportunity for him to say "I do want a real relationship with you" or you know break it off, but I'm telling you if you don't break it off you're going to get heartbroken because it really doesn't sound you're on the same page"

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