What are some sweet, cute text messages guys like to receive from their gf while at wrk dnt that dnt sound cheesy?

Want to send text messages to my bf while he is at wrk to let him knw im thinkin of him an love him. What do guys like to hear from their gf?


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  • There is a very fast line that can get crossed by texting to much. It more of the less you say the better.

    Think of things that make him laugh or cheer and incorporate them into a text.

    Some of the best I have ever received:
    "Hey quick reminder... I sleep with people on the 84th date"
    "I still have the smell of your cologne on me from last night and I can't stop getting turned on"
    "I wonder what the biggest TV we could buy is"
    and my favorite...
    "are you wearing my underwear? because I couldn't find them to put on today... commando it is!"


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  • "I got a present for you when you get home ;]"

  • You >"Hey are you feet tiered"? "Because you have been wondering in my thoughts all day"

  • im wearing nothing and thinking about you


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