Give examples of someone trying to change their significant other?

Give examples of someone trying to change their significant other


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  • Telling them to dress, eat, or behave in a way that is not typical of them. Telling them to do anything that is not what they would normally do, expecting them to obey, and getting upset when they don't snap to change instantly. The only acceptable exceptions are areas where maturity is called to question. Like paying your bills before buying that new video game. But in the end, it's YOUR choice how you want to behave, and as long as you're not affecting the people around you, she should accept you as you are. For example, if buying that new games means roommates have to pay part of your half of the rent to keep a roof over your heads, then she has a right to ask you to change certain behaviors.

  • I think you'd look really sexy if you wore your hair like...
    My friends boyfriend does this and she's really happy...

    • Would asking your GF to be more affectionate count

    • Yes. My boyfriend accepts that I'm not but he gets really happy when i do.

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