Can I find girlfriend when I wearing tightest jeans? (guy)

I be 22 year old next year. I look like 16 because of my height and im skinny.
I wearing skin-tight jeans (tighter than girls). I wonder can i find any girlfriend ever when i wearing super skin tight jeans? Many people say it´s gay :( But i love wearing world tightest jeans so much.

Are there any girls who like guys in tightest jeans or any girls who accept to date with guy who wears tighter jeans then girl herself? I scare that i never find girlfriend :(


Most Helpful Girl

  • Then wear them. You want a girlfriend who wants you for you.

    • But i don´t know how girls react. I heard many people says it´s super gay thing to do. I just wanna know if girls accept guy like that? Would you?

    • I don't have any issue.

    • Good :)

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  • i mean do you have the punk i-listen-to-metal look?

  • Well I like this guy for his personality and for who he is but If I like him for his looks and how he dress then I would have think he is a girl because he kinda has long hair >.<


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