Describe your perfect Dream Guy/Dream Girl?

What would the love of your life look like/act like? Describe the soul mate of your dreams! (Big emphasis on the word "dream". Get as creative and imaginative as you can get!)

My dream girl is a big, busty, chubby anthropomorphic bunny (or any anthro animal, really). She'd be really motherly, super kind- hearted, playful and silly.
She'd be my playful dominatrix and she'd have her way with me and make me her loyal toy~ <3


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  • Okay lets see XD

    The perfect guy would have a great sense of humor, usually be in a good mood, smile a lot. It is also really important that he can hold a serious conversation. Intelligent. A guy needs to be genuinely interested in things, doesn't really matter what, as long as he isn't boring. He would also be adventurous, and basically up for trying crazy new things. Common interests are really important as well.

    Blue eyes and good teeth :3. Taller than me is also nice, though not very difficult at 5'3 XD He would dress nicely, too.

    We would live in a penthouse apartment someplace cool and own a '69 camaro. And we would keep dragons as house pets. And have chocolate fondue every single day.

  • I like guys who are Latino (I'm Latina) but I would also like to go out with guys with other nationality. My dream guy would be able to play guitar or any instrument and if not then be attentive. I would love it if he is funny and is able to make things better. If he is "macho" and can dance. If he is from another nationality then he would talk to me in his native language.

  • Naturally tan skin. Green or light brown eyes. Dark Brown hair. Full pink lips. Latino/white. Bilingual = Spanish and English. 6'1. Average to medium build. Funny. Caring. Charismatic. Family orientated. Living. Smart. Employed. Man of faith. Unselfish.


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  • This question is so interesting because it changes with age. When your young you want hot, popular, daring and sexual. When you get older your dream girl changes.

    Imagine this:
    The body and face of Jessica Alba with the personality of Jennifer Lawrence.
    The manners of Princess Kate and the style of Emma Watson.
    The Education of Natalie Portman and the flat out sexy attitude of Sophia Vergara.
    Throw in some southern charm of Reese Witherspoon and you have a just about perfect person.

    But that's just my dream girl... at the moment

    • Unfortunately, I can't imagine that at all. Everyone you named are people that I've never even heard of. lol

    • Asker,

      Jessica Alba - actress (Fantastic Four, Dark Angel)
      Jennifer Lawrence - Oscar-winning actress (The Hunger Games)
      Princess Kate - current Duchess of Cambridge
      Emma Watson - actress (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, This Is the End)
      Natalie Portman - Harvard graduate & actress (Garden State, V for Vendetta)
      Sofia Vergara - actress (Dirty Sexy Money, Machete Kills)
      Reese Witherspoon - actress (Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama)

  • Looks: 5'10",130lbs. Nice facial structure.

    Personality: Kind, outgoing, fun, great sense of humor, playful... like Olivia Wilde in this clip:

  • she would have a very big mouth and an allergy to clothes, remain 18 forever, blonde, blue eyes, great rack and really stupid.

  • Whatever she is she has light white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.