Is the "lets be friends" thing just cultural?

So i've been thinking, you know about the 'lets be friends' or the 'friend zone, issue both girls and mostly guys encounter. Do you think its just more of a cultural thing?

I know lots of adults who are in relationships always saying they didn't even like each other when they met. Then again most couples i know are hispanic.

It this 'friends only never works out' thing only a US custom? And is it also age dependent? Could someone who is older and more experienced in dating really want a friendship first?

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And to clarify a bit, I'm referring to people who say they want to be friends after asking them out, and instances where you might have dated at some point, and you pursue a friendship afterwards.


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  • Whether cultural or universal, I dislike this concept. After all, the implication behind 'friendzone' is that male-female interactions, by and large, are coloured by romance or romantic potential. It makes platonic friendships between men and women needlessly awkward and the participants subject to a lot of tongue-wagging, with a side-dish of risk of jealousy from each other's actual romantic partners.

    Baggage before initiation. Now THAT's one of the worst ways to start a friendship.

  • No I think it's person to person.
    If I dated someone seriously, and it didn't work out, I wouldn't want to be friends. If we barely dated, sure, we didn't have a relationship that I would need to try and forget.


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