Is it me, is it him, is it us?

We have only been dating 2 months. Everything was perfect, i was the happiest I had ever been. For our one month he got me this bracelet i wanted. I couldn't believe it. No one treated me like that. But here we are at 2 months... we have had 3 little arguments. one was about his driving, one was about him liking a bunch of girls stuff online, and another was because I mad a joke and he was upset so he snapped at me. He says he loves me, he says nothing has changed. But he had so much attitude in these arguments and he was hard to talk to. I don't feel so lovey dovey anymore. I care about him, but things just don't feel the same. So i asked him if things had changed for him and he said no, nothing changed, but it feels so different. Like I work so hard to look cute for him, he doesn't say a word about it. I try and help and do whatever it takes to show I care about him. Lately we have just been laying on the sofa falling asleep every night this week. Which is sweet but I mean wheres the romance? Like he just jokes with me and then falls asleep. There no cute moments or sweet nothing. Has he lost interest, have i lost interest? are we going to be okay? am i just over thinking all of this? i want this to work so bad that i will do whatever it takes to make this work. Guys or girls what is happening?


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  • That one is a little tough to answer. Sometimes things like that happen. Has anything else changed?
    And you have tried everything to give more of the romance? & do you trust him? - sometimes we feel that way when we have lost trust aswell..
    I do hope all the best for you and that things will perk and be better soon.

    My ex and I use to have arguments we had big ones - and a lot in the end & I was so unhappy although he changed (his whole personality, he was no longer the boy I met) and we were on and off for 5 years.
    My advise is, plan something romantic even dinner and a movie & see where that goes first
    If things still feel "no lovely dovey" or anything. Then talk it out tell him how you feel and all the rest.

    • I am just surprised, i mean we went from perfect to... should we even be dating?

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    • Sadly that does happen.. Sometimes romance ect.. Doesn't last. The question is, do you love him still? If so, try and work on it and see where it goes.
      and if you have been asking and saying your worries a lot, Leave it alone for a little while.

    • True. But it could be more of a feeling that you are scared tbh. And that you are together so much then there is nothing to worry about. Things are still early so all is good. If he hasn't done anything or said anything to question it.
      Sometimes guys can be confusing But if he still feels the same & says nothing has changed changes are that for him they haven't. Try not to think of it to much. I hope you can work it all out ^_^

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  • This thing is called reality. No sweet thing last forever, that's just a phase. Try talk to him about your worries, we can't know what's inside him head.

    • yeah, i have tried to talk to him and he just keeps telling me everything is fine and that i am asking to many times. so maybe i am over thinking it or maybe its just me?

    • Well, you need to shake some sense in him or your going to lose him. That's the most hard part, trying to figure it out after the ''heat'' went away.