Just got shot down and feel great about it!

This isn't a question, but hopefully a semiencouraging story to other people like me. I just asked out a girl in one of my classes to lunch or coffee and got told no. Did that part suck? Ya, but I still feel fantastic. For the first time in about 3 years in college I asked a girl out. Rejection sucks, but the pride in having the courage to ask outweighs the feeling immensely. I'm going to get right back on the saddle and ask out another girl from another one of my classes next week. This is highly uncharacteristic of me, but I feel like now that I've done it once a huge weight has been lifted. Good luck guys!


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  • Great job! If we never asked, we'd never know. And even if the answer is no, it's better to kill an obsession than to keep mulling over something hopeless.

    Not to mention that once we get over the initial nervousness of it all, we get more confident asking girls out and girls like that.


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  • Its about getting the 'journey' started. Not really about the arrival point. Congrats.

  • Good job, the first time is always the scariest... but now you'll have more confidence!
    Good luck with other girls :)


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  • Finally! You're learning social skills! It's a necessity in the real world!

    • I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not haha. I'm very happy to develop a social skill I should've been working a long time ago, but the implication that I had none to begin with is a bit obnoxious. I have meaningful social interactions with my friends and females, however I just had not used this particular social skill before. If I misinterpreted your comment my bad.

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    • Alright, my bad dude. Thanks and sorry for the confusion!

    • It's all good! Enjoy :)

  • Yeah a lot of times it isn't bad but if you can keep asking and asking and easy answer is no that's when it starts to feel horrible

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