GUYS HELP!! What does that mean? How do I reply?

Was talking to ex... Cuddling came up because I was talking about the physical benefits of hugging (lowers stress and cortisol), anyways he goes, "That was always my favorite, cuddling" and I replied agreeing saying it made me feel really safe. He said he always felt like he was keeping the person safe when they cuddled and it make him really happy. I go, "See it does help :D aha" (referring to how it puts people in a good mood) But I just got a reply from him saying, "Yeah, but I don't have anyone to do that with." Is he opening a door so that I'll make a move? Does he want me to volunteer? I still like him GUYS WHAT DO I SAY TO THAT


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  • Many times over I have always found with an 'EX,' that X Marks their soft spot when it comes To-----Making up after Breaking up. And along with the Missing comes the kissing, however, there is always a motive behind their minds that one needs to be wary of when they suddenly say: "That was always my favorite, cuddling."
    Yes, I believe as wise as I am, sweetie, that it is a sure sign for Some 'Opening a door,' but Which One, remains to be seen. I also am 'Sure' you'll find out when you 'Make a move' in time with the meeting of the minds to take him up up on his offer to do some Reminiscing.
    By all of this so you Don't get confused with me here, often when two people split and you think it is It, the Friends with benefits factor comes into play. This means no strings attached, no hooked at the hip, and of course no guarantee that anything will 'Move' back to the way it used to be. It's a chance that you take when You----Still like him.
    I don't think you would have to 'volunteer' much here, for your words, along with whatever his Next 'Move' will determine what's next to come.
    To 'Feel really safe' On the 'Safe' side, go slow with his flow for now. And before you both do anything that you may or may not regret, find out what each of you want and just how Long----It does help.
    Good luck. xx

    • I would never be friend with benefits with someone haha he knows I'm a relationship girl, and he'd never be friend with benefits with someone either. I just am not sure if he wants this to lead into, "Hey, maybe we should try dating again..."

    • Glad we got that straight, so maybe then with some dating for now that I know where you both stand, home is again where the heart is... Stick to your guns no matter if he should have a change of heart... xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand... Hope everything works out. xx

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  • Play into his plan. But don't make it too easy. He's an ex for a reason.


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  • He's an ex. Don't go back into possibly toxic water. There's a reason you broke up and you don't want to subject yourself to heartbreak. Even just cuddling can escalate into more.

    • We broke up because both of us were super busy at the time

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