What can I do about this guy?

This may be quite long.
So at the start of this year at my classroom there was this new guy who I've started to like since July, it wasn't a big deal actually. I think he used to like me back at the start of the year because of how he acted around me and stuff, he tried to be my ''friend'' and talked to me and hug me and blah but I, to be honest, wasn't interested in him, I didn't pay any attention to him whatsover but recently I just can't get my eyes off him, I get sooo so nervous everytime I he's around, I don't even talk when he's around and it's so annoying for me, I just don't feel comfortable enough somehow. Since like August he started to hang out with my group of friends and it's awkward for me, he talks a lot with both of my best friends but doesn't really tries to talk to me anymore, he doesn't look at me, I would say he ignores me totally. The only thing he has done it's ''defending'' when my friend was teasing me, and also when we are all like talking he sometimes like gets really close to me, like really close to my body and that's it. I feel like I am not myself when I am around him and I've tried to stop acting like that but like I've said before I don't feel comfortable enough, I feel small and shy when I am near him and the thing is, I want to feel comfortable around him and be able to talk to him as friend because sincerly he's the type of friend I would have even if he does not like me back. I wanna stop liking him or make him like me, I just need an advice on what should I do, damn.
(I am not from US so ignore the order of the months, I think in July you're in your summer vacation or something? idk) (Sorry for the typos too)


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  • Just go up and talk to him. He is ignoring you more or less because you shot him down earlier. If you go up and make amends, he'll probably be more than happy to start talking to you again. :)

    • Thank for the advice. I've started to talk him more often, usually he's the one who starts conversation but I think either he is a dickhead or likes another girl from the class in the moment.

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