Do I have chance for a second date?

I found girl on a dating website and we have been talking about 1 week and now we finally had our first date. And the date started kinda awkward i was trying to handshake her and she asked "handshake?" then we hugged. we talked around 30 min and it went okey i guess until we went to wait her bus and then we didn't talk at all while waiting her bus. and finally when her bus came she said "lets talk at evening" should i wait her to say something to me or should i text her that i had great time or something?

and when she left to bus and said "lets talk at evening" i said "sure" and after that i just left without hugging or anything.


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  • It looks like there was a lot of awkwardness probably because she was interested and you are quite inexperienced to show affection. She may have been turned off a bit, but its still not too late to fix things. Do text her, and see what kind of response you get. Good luck!


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