If you have been heartbroken?

I remeber last time when i was really heartbroken i met this guy, he was perfect, like i mean everything was great and he liked me a lot and wanted to meet all the time.
But because i was heartbroken i didn't go for him and also because i wasn't so attracted to him but his personality shined more. I would make up excuses to not meet etc because i was afraid of falling in love and i knew he would be a guy i could love so i didn't go for it.

Well i dated a guy who was in a rel for 6 years and they broke up last year and she is with another guy and recently had a baby with her new bf.. and things were great with this guy and i and he told me he liked me and we had a lot in common and had so much fun but after Valentine's day when he told me he liked me he pulled away and just didn't talk to me at all.. only liked my pictures..
and than i managed to ask why he was this way and he said he wasn't looking for anything serious because he didn't have the time.. oh and he lived in another town..

but did he run because he still is heartbroken? he lives in my town now and he contacted me and we met and had a great time.. nothing awkward or anything and he told me i could contact him whenever i wanted too
I did last week where i asked him if he wanted to go biking with me, and he said yes but he had to work that day, and that he would let me know when he has free time and the sun is out..

i really want to meet him but i dont want to push anything i mean he could have not contacted me at all right?

anyways thanks for reading this long question..
have you been heartbroken and rejected someone because of it? even though you knew they were great?

I dont want to be rejected again so i dont push , so i asked for a bike ride because its fun and simple


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  • I have been heartbroken. I have been more cautious since that experience, playing more sports and not being as friendly with girls because I still do have that memory in the back of my mind. I can't say I have rejected any girls, but I have been more subdued.


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  • we can go on date


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  • He himself could be afraid and not ready at this stage in time. But to me it sounds like he wants to meet and catch up if he didn't he wouldn't have..

    I have been really badly heartbroken (and a few times at that) and I actually never had anyone like me or ask me out like straight after. (even after a few months) But when I felt good and no more heartbreak and if I did like someone and they liked me I told them.

    • I thnk if he really didn't care of me he wouldn't have bothered to contact me at all

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    • im never gonna have a bf ugh so depressing

    • Don't say that I am sure you will.. Might not be today or next week or in 3 months but I am sure you will. First you got to enjoy life and love yourself And to be happy. And you do not know where things may go from here on and we can not help who we fall for or when aswell

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