Friends with benefits only for men?

I've been involved in one or two friends with benefits relationships and its worked out quite well and even when things ended we remained on friendly terms. But my question here is, why is it okay for guys but not girls? Women are the one's judging you because of it but I truly don't understand why? Any explanations will be helpful!

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  • I don't understand your question. Many women want to have a friends with benefits relationships..

    • Maybe where you are, here its not quite as popular. Girls prefer friends with benefits to only start a real relationship out of it. Not all of them but most, that's why things always end badly for one or both parties

  • Who said it's not ok for a woman to have FWB?

    • Some of the girls I'm friends with

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    • Lol the poor women, its a shame but we live in an era were women are supposedly empowered but its seems if they are only equals when it suits them.. Ironic when you look at the number of feminists

    • You are dead on.

  • You should continue to be honest and do you. I think that you are cool because you're honest about what you want or need.

  • No one should have friends with benefits with anyone. Either have the relationship or not.

    • Okay but why?

    • What makes you think it's right for someone to have sex with someone for a favor? That's what friends with benefits means to me, immorality. However, that ain't the only one.

    • Thank you, appreciate the feedback

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