Does he like me if he hasn't talked to me?

I spent the past few months getting very close and very intimate with a really wonderful guy. He was supportive, romantic, sweet, funny, and extremely attentive. He's a programmer, and most of his school year revolves around various projects. One of his long term assignments he put off until, well, this week, because he had so much going on before! The past week he got a little distant between all the things he had to do... but he was still flirty even a few days ago, and telling me how special and cute I am.

A few days ago he told me how hard it is and how he's working from when he wakes up until when he goes to bed. I didn't hear from him for a day, which was unusual, so I sent him a text saying I'm thinking of him and wishing him well. After that we talked a little bit, and when I asked if he wants to schedule a time to catch up (so that I don't bother him, realistically) he said he needs to focus on the project, thanked me for understanding and said he's sorry he can't talk much now. It has been almost two days now that I haven't heard from him, so I shot him another message, just asking how everything is going. He hasn't seen it yet, or been near his phone for hours, let alone on Facebook (have to say, I'm impressed by his determination)... but I'm wondering if I should leave him alone or be worried something else is going on?


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  • That is kind of a tough call.
    He did say he was really busy.. Give him a little more time see if does read it and if he does reply. I hope he does talk to you again soon even if it is small talk.

    • I normally wouldn't worry so much, but I'm supposed to be visiting him next week (it's a little bit long distance). Before, he always said how he would work hard on it now so he could spend a lot of time with me when I visit. But he always kept me at arms length too, saying he can't promise anything, and neither of us should expect anything (he's scared we will be hurt, which is true, regardless of the outcome!) I want to give him the space he needs but I also need to know that we are still on... :(

    • All good.. I say if you haven't heard by Friday, Message him and see if it is all still good as it is a long way. And you just have to see from there -sadly- **hugs!**

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