Guys, if you care for your girlfriend would your communication be like this?

Like when you are together he is very affectionate and romantic, but you don' t see each other enough ( only twice a month for example). Also, he always takes the initiative
and call or text, but only once or twice a week.

I think this is not a normal pattern. He says he misses me but we live close and don't understand how work or his son (he is divorced) can make some guy too busy for a woman he apparently likes.

We have been together for 10 months, and we broke up before but he contacted me.. Now I am with him but not totally in.. I see that I deserve more care and love.

Guys, is this normal to be so close to a girl but at the same time far?


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  • You're not asking me what I would do if I was into my GF. You're wanting me to be what YOU want him to do.

    • I don't get it!

    • He's just calling you out on using emotional blackmail to try and be manipulative, because you think that men are too dumb to realize what the self-serving rule of "If he really loved me, would he continue to not do what I WANT HIM TO DO?" you created is intended to accomplish (i. e., have him or us "conclude" that "Therefore, if he does NOT do WHAT I WANT HIM TO DO, then he DOES NOT REALLY LOVE ME.")

      I hope that makes it clearer and reasonably take it outside the realm of reasonably denying and hiding behind the "Huh? I don't get it o. O"



    • Guys I wished my question was answered in English, not Xgxxxcc language!

      Why don't you just ignore a question if you can't provide a clear one?

  • Nooo, he's probably dealing with his ex wife or someone new. Wise Up!!


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