What is this girl thinking?

So I have a friend I met about 2 years ago and we weren't so close but became closer over time. She tried a few months ago to hang out but I was super busy at the time. anyways recently she invited me out. Met up with her and each of us had a friend there and it ended up like a double date, and i had a great time with my friend, dancing and grinding. So i kinda asked her out on a date and she's like ok.

Went on 2 dates thus far. Haven't kissed, but have held hands and last saw her Saturday And both dates have been fun. Texted her sat night and was supposed to go out Sunday night, then we texted each other once on Sunday and after responding to her 1 text, i have not gotten any response to 2 of my texts. cAlled last night, no response.

So she's kind of the "all over the place type" and isn't the structured, punctual type I am. Idk- I dont understand her activity. I bought her a small moleskin notebook as a birthday gift. not sure what her deal is. Any ideas?

You know we get along really well and have similar interests. and she even ended our texting convo on sat night by agreeing to another date with "haha sounds good :)"
Keep in mind I tried a move last year and it was unsuccessful. And asking her out now, it kind of just happened. And she seemed more open to it now.

But she has not pulled away when i put my hand on her back or held hands or whatever.


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  • Well I think you already answered your question of what she is thinking. She isn't structured or punctual so its not like it's you it's her. She doesn't know what she wants or what to do with her day. I have a Best Friend like this lol.

    • So how do I proceed with her going forward? Given her nature and how different it is from me? It's so difficult for me given how different natured I am.

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    • We were supposed to go out Sunday night but didn't answer me sunday. and also considered thurs night too, but didn't hear from her all day today after calling last night

    • So she's most likely not interested anymore or never was. Give her space don't text or call her anymore and see if she tries to contact you. If not then you know your answer.

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