No longer crushing on your crush?

Lets make a long story short... I met this guy in 8th grade which was in 2005 we shared a class together. I was the quiet shy type. He was also quiet... well in that class. we didn't talk to each other. towards the end of the year he started doing and saying little things. Like he would turn around and say" that's my girlfriend right there" pointing at me. or gave me a hug one day from the back as I was standing up. I knew he liked me bottom line. we go separate ways to high school I didn't see him all through high school but we communicated through Myspace, AIM, and text messages. we would lose contact with each other for
months / years. one random day he would text me out of nowhere, all the time. every-time I tried to forget about him. its weird. I never dated anyone or liked anyone because I liked him so much. I literally never went one day without thinking about him. He always wanted to hang out and meet up. I was too shy and wasn't really into going that far. My mom was strict also so I didn't try to make an effort to hang out. I always had an excuse. years later we end up in the same college class, unexpected! my heart dropped LOL.
so about 5 years later we finally see each other because of this class which was 1 day out of the week on a Saturday. not that much time spent together. I still have this feeling and I know he does as well. (I never told him or made it obvious)
this class is over and again we go separate ways. he went to truck driving school right after and was on the road for 1 year. He always ask if i have a boyfriend and the answer was always no. i asked and he said yes that he had a girl friend since i didn't want him. kind of hurt my feelings. i couldn't be mad. I met someone else who took the felling away after all of these years. they are no longer in my life. but my crush is. The feeling is gone from me. he deeply likes me. I have liked him forever. now its nothing there. Great person, great qualities, perfect match. I don't know

The guy who took the feeling away i didn't give my all because my crush was in the back of my mind. then when this guy stop talking to me. my crush came back around. I have no butterflies like I use too, rapid heart beating... nothing
I liked him all my young life/young adult life, the feeling just stopped. not sure if you can be with someone without those feelings


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  • Maybe you don't have those feelings anymore and that's not a bad thing! As we get older stuff changes, we don't like things that we used to or grow out of them. The stuff u liked before, u don't anymore, and that's ok. I think you're just ready for something new. Don't reprimand yourself for that :)


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