Turn ons and turns offs from what guys wear to what guy do?

As a guy i wonder what certain female are into like from what a guy wears to what a guy smells like to what he does the way he acts i know everyone different but I'm just trying to see if there anything wrong with me I've been single for about 2 years since i broke up with my ex since she cheated on me. So I'm just curious onto what female are into now in days,
thank you all who respond


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  • in no specific order:
    -beard/scruffy face
    -smells good, Invictus is currently my favorite smell
    -decent hair
    -dark hard
    -sandalwood smell ohhh yummm
    -decent body (slim but toned, but honestly this makes me glance over, but isn't a deal breaker at all)
    -being a nice person in general
    -on the taller side


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  • I like a guy who dresses neatly and smells nice (or at least clean). I hate ripped or saggy jeans and aren't really a fan of backwards baseball caps. :)

  • Anything is fine to wear, as long as it is none of those annoying shirts with a girl in a bikini on it


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