Does he care or is he toying with me?

Before I left, I texted him and said that I was leaving for a while and added that if he wanted he could see me before I went abroad but he only asked me where/when/what for etc I was leaving and I couldn't precisely say when I was going to be back. After two weeks he asked me how my holiday was and I told him good and then asked him how he has been... He was kind of cute and said he was good... Yesterday he texted me if I was back and I said yes. He asked why I didn't tell him and I said that I didn't know he was expecting me to text him (because he didn't meet me before I left) and he just said that I'm being silly. I answered with a sad face " :( ". What should I do know? Does he care about me or is he being mean? Who should make the next step...


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  • I would say, its just a small, incidnce , an one can't be jugded ova this, but if strctly it is to be laid, then i would say guy is toyng, otehrwse he shuld hav met u bfre going, at any cost, i go to see my crush, whenver she goes at any cost, its just so simple, u devoted to them, he is not


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