Everything has been going great but I don't hear from him very often?

we've just started seeing each other after months and months of not talking because before we both wanted different things. every time we've spent time together (3 times) so far have been great. very romantic, fun, great conversation, always making each other laugh, etc. the second time we hung out I decided it was ok for us to have sex, as the two of us having sex together is nothing new. the 3rd time I stayed over at his place after he bought me dinner. in the morning I guess I decided to just ask him when his plans were for the weekend before I left and he said he was really busy, so I just told him to call me and said my good byes and he gave me a big hug and kiss. he has told me he likes me and had been really happy that I've agreed to hang out again. however, it's been a week and I haven't heard from him. this isn't exactly out of the normal for him, we've had conversations before where I remember asking well I would really worry if you waited like two weeks to call and and he said no I'd never do that. but I still feel anxious, just because we just started seeing each other again (he's the one who initiated it too). I'm just wondering how into this it sounds like he is relationship wise? he doesn't have much real relationship experience since his only one was long term and long distance, but I don't want to sound needy by calling him up letting him know I need more time. I was to appear independent, with my own life, not needing him but wanting him in it none the less. how should I go about this? the last time we hung out he was very very happy to hear from me, but I don't want to be the one initiating it again. what should I do, why is he acting like this?

  • he's back because he missed you, he's probably just confused about how often to get in touch
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  • he's just using you
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he has looked at me very seriously expressing how he feels, said said "you really just are so beautiful" without acting touchy feely or sexual at all, I really thought that was nice, I just don't know why he's so weird about getting in touch..
it's not unlike him to wait a week or so, but just because we just started seeing each other again it makes me insecure


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  • Why don't you just call him now, and ask what's up?

    • well, I called before to hang out, and while he was delighted to hear from me I just kind of feel like it's his turn. plus when he told me he was busy last weekend I just told him ok just call me...

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    • should I really just call him?

    • You certainly don't lose anything for trying one more time. I'd go for it as kind of a final attempt.

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  • Welcome to my world. I always thought everything is going well and one day girls stop talking to me or start avoiding me.

    • well it's not unlike him to wait a week before getting in touch, so far it's been a week and a day, he was the one to make an effort to get back in touch in the first place so I don't really understand why he would just not call now that we've been seeing each other and it's been really good?

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    • should I call him?

    • I feel like a month would just be ridiculous

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  • I would honestly just ask him in person when you get the chance just go for it and tell him that you really like him and like to spend time with him but that it bothers you that he sends you mixed messages.. say that you like hearing from him often and that if he doesn't then distance yourself from him and once he asks you what's going on you tell him I just want someone who wants to talk to me often and not go weeks without knowing what's going on... be straight up and honest with him so that you don't have to question the relationship also he probably doesn't want to commit so if your giving him sex then what's the point in keeping in touch and stuff so don't reward him for his bad behavior until he makes more of an effrot I mean is he seeing someone else? You know be careful ask him. Answer mine please thanks hope i helped

    • I just don't want to be the one to call him because even though he was delighted to hear from me before, I war things to be more even and I feel like he should call me this time, even though he was the one initiating contact to begin with

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    • be surprised about what?

    • should I ask him to be official? I feel like it's kind of soon?

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