Boyfriend is Leaving for 1 Month to Mexico with no way to contact me!!!

My boyfriend just told me today that he will be leaving with his family for 4 weeks to Mexico with no wifi and he can't bring his cell phone. He is leaving in 2 days. We are in high school, and I don't know how he is going to keep up his grades or catch up. Then he also told me he might have to leave all Christmas break to mexico too. Should I be loyal and just trust him and wait until he gets back, or just give it a rest and not do long distance. I don't have many friends and I love to flirt, but I can't really do anything because Im with him ALL the time! Normally he will freak out if I can't hangout with him or see him for a day, because he is crazy clingy. He is the longest relationship I have kept. Help me please! I have to talk to him tomorrow.

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He said it was 4 weeks then 3, then he tells me it is only 2 weeks. NOW he told me 2 and a half weeks! I want to stay with him, but at the same time I dont. I dont know what to do!
Well we broke up after all. I didn't want this...


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  • I think you should talk to him. Communication is key. Tell him your fears and ask him his intentions, ask him what he wants to do and what he expects you to do. However, if it is that you had problems with his clingy behavior before and wanted to break up with him before but wasn't sure, this is the time to test the 'single life' theory. So in that case break up with him.
    But if you guys have been great and everything was normal and you never wanted to break up with him, ask him what he wants to do (stay together or break up), and if he says so wait the two weeks and see. If when he comes back, he's been unfaithful or if during the two weeks you find yourself thinking differently about the 'long distance' since you might have to do it again, then you have all the time in the world to be single. But by saying you'll stay with him during that time, way you'll figure out what you want for sure. Good luck!

    • That seems to make enough sense. I have been talking to him, and once again he changed his plans and now it is 1 week he will be in mexico. I dont see how he can so easily change the amount of time he stays since it is his mom and step dads plans not his. Now he asks me if I like someone else.

    • I don't get that changing the timeline up and down thing. I mean is it they (parents) who are unsure about the time frame? Or is it that he can choose how long he is going for regardless of how long they are staying? And why is he going at this time anyways? I think you should tell him he's making everything sound so fishy... Then you flip his question back on him and ask if HE is trying to get away from you... Say it like this; put on the saddest baby voice you can and ask him "Did I do something wrong? Are you trying to get away from me?" He's bound to give at least a little of his true intentions there. Not that I'm saying to fool him, but taking that approach would be much better than getting on the defensive now.

    • And thanks for mh btw, I hope it works out good for you...

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  • It's called long term if you date in long distance !!! What you just said means he is disappearing for a month or so, so basically your not together. I'd say take a break and tell him, that way he will find a way to contact you. Go have fun with your friends meet new guys do everything normally.

    • Thank you, I really get depressed knowing that I have lost most my friends because he is always making me blow off their plans to hangout. I also can't talk to any guys. He treats me super good, and I've liked him forever, but Im starting to think that this is a good thing he is leaving.

    • Yeah, it's an opportunity for you to relax and think about yourself for a while. Some me time you know. Enjoy and whatever you want your not committed.
      And your welcome :)

  • I'm pretty sure you can go a week or two without seeing him
    You WILL live.
    My girl went to Germany for a year, and I waited for her.

    • Well I have never done anything like this before. And I didn't know what to do. And I made the mistake and told him we should take a break. I know I still would have waited for him. And I told him how sorry I was and begged for him to understand. He didnt...

  • uuummm long distance doesn't really work unless you both love each other alot, so i suggest you take a break and meet new people, he might also find someone new in mexico XD GLHF

  • Haha México me gusta.

    But I think you should take a break from it. It will help you relax a bit more


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  • dont over think it. if you guys have a strong relationship, he won't go around looking at other girls. if you ever feel down while he's gone, just think positive. dont give up because he's going somewhere where you can't contact him. you'll lose your chance over a small amount of time away from each other.

  • That sounds rather fishy to me... why would they just leave for 4 weeks with two days notice?

    • I know it does. Which is why Im going to ask his brother whats going on just to make sure.

    • You definitely should. As far as breaking up or not, I think things would depend on that answer and also why he can't at least email. I highly doubt there is no internet where he is going for 4 weeks... sounds a bit like a blow off.

  • Unless his family is going to a nice resort and not going off that land... are they stupid? Go North to Canada, you're less likely to become a drug smuggling mule there.

    • His relatives live there and his mom gets better help for her medical problems because the doctors here say she is fine. He just says its a vacation, but its weird he is going for 4 whole weeks and missing all that school. His mom is always after him and his grades. This would just completely throw him off.

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    • i take two issues with you're comment one "you're less likely to become a drug smuggling mule there." that's not how it works love you must voluntarily become part of the Mexican mafias or cartels and the mafias only go after the other mafias members so he will be fine and it's only a month two "America is where people usually go for the worlds top doctors" well Mexico is part of America i think you meant to say United States and yes the world top doctor's if you shit money which most people don't so going to Mexico with dollars saves you a lot of money when those dollars get translated to pesos.

    • oh hello there troll, dont think i was even talking to you. one th dru cartel controls the mexican board. i have a damn uncle that battles them constantly. they don't just kill each other, they killed a female politician down there because she was going after them. second there multiple cases of hostages for money down there. second i didn't say north america you idiot.

  • Looks like he is trying to break up with you like a coward

    • I don't think he would break up with me. I think I have to be the bad guy.