So this girl keeps making 1 stupid decision after another, do I dump her?

Check my previous question to see what happend last , you can probably find it on my account or something, but basically she told a guy over text she missed him when he was gone for 4 hours (she told me she only likes him as a friend) then cried so hard saying how she fucked everything up and I forgave her but i've been watching her closely.

But now, today after school (i'm 19, she's 18) she was talking about what she wanted to do for her birthday and asked if i'd be mad if she invited that same guy and I said hell nah, how could you ask that after what happend? She keeps making one mistake after another and I feel like she's testing the waters and trying to find someone like me with better qualities or something. Wtf do I do? I told her i'd forget about it, but this I can't get off my mind. The way she usually always tells me when a random guy texts her ESPECIALLY one who likes her, but she didn't tell me about this one till I found out for myself, which tells me she wanted to keep talking to him and knew I wouldn't let her talk to him anymore.

Advice anyone? I don't want to dump her, but I really want to be like "WTF were you thinking, if you loved me as much as you say you wouldn't even of said that or even considered asking me if he could come to your party."


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  • Just end it before u end up getting hurt. You can't trust her u sound like a 1 girlfriend type of guy. that's good find a better girl or just. wait for the right one. I been threw the same path. Its not worth it. FR

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