What does it mean? First date?

Soooo, i asked this chick out for a date, and we just finished like 30min ago. anyways so i need some help to understand what happened. So we get there and alls fine and good, but maybe 30min into it was are walking around the mall and i guess she saw her ex. So she grabs my hand (As in holding hands) as we walk by her ex. and after we pass she lets go. Then we keep walking and we just come out of a store and she sees some dude, so she runns over to him and leaves me behind, i go and sit down and then 10min later she waves me over and ask "Is this a friend date, or a date?" and say "Idk" anyways, she starts talking shit to this guy and i had to push her away. we then go to the movies. After she tells me, "Ya so this guy is taking me ice skating, he's showing me how to this weekend." and a few days ago she told me that a guy asked her out on a skate-date but she said no because she didn't know how to skate plus didn't like the dude. SO it kinda bothered me. And ya. Thanks for reading, i just wanted to know if it seems like she likes me.
-She didn't really talk much
-She couldn't look away from her phone for more then 10min (even in the movies)
-She never txts me first. I'm always staring convos.
-Has a heart near my name in her phone, i said "Oh don't i feel special haha" and she responds with "Trust me, ur not the only one."
-After i brought up about the hand holding. she said "No, i did it cause i wanted to." then heald my hand like 10sec later.
Please help, I don't know if i should go on with this or not...


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  • She's obviously using you, end it

    • Thanks, and i did dw. She gave a shitty excuse saying she went on the date to see if she wanted to be my girlfriend. but she didn't want to cause she was going through life problems haha

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    • Nope not really, i think i asked about about 7 or 8 people in the past year. Only 2 said yes

    • you win some, you lose some
      Most girls just say no anyway it's probably not personal

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  • Don't go into it. She doesn't care for you, not one tiny bit. And it's a pity because you sound like a great guy while she sounds like a big bitch. It's highly impolite and imature her actions whilst on this date. Let her go because she isn't worth one second of your time.


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  • Respect yourself. We can rule out that she just wants to make you jealous. In a world of 3,500,000,000 females this is not the girl for you. Why travel economy when you can go first class? Now, as an alternative, she might be a good candidate for that girl to keep in your orbit until someone better comes along. Don't lose your cool. Make the situation work in your favor.

  • I wouldn't want to continue this, that's 100%.