Is he interested or just likes to play tennis?

I met a hot guy through tennis partners. He joined a game of double with me and a friend and after that game he told me if I wanted someone to practice with he is available.

So I added him on Facebook that night and a couple of days later I asked if he wanted to go play. He couldnt come. I tried 2 other times before he finally said he was available. We played a lot that night and he asked if I would like to set a day so that we could play every week together. I accepted of course. Note that I'm average at tennis and he is very good so it's not like we play the best games but he said he just likes to move.

At that point I thought he was really interested but then something made me doubt. He started talking about work and how he is looking for a job. We are both in same field of work and I have a very good position. I said I would try to look around if I find something for him. Then he said we could meet one time for a drink and I could give him tips for interviews etc. He also posted on Facebook for anyone who can help him to go grab a drink and talk about work.

I have doubt that maybe he is just using me?

What do you think?


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  • Or more so a friendship. Or both. It's still too early and young. Just keep talking and maybe more will come out of it if you want it to.

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