Is he just showing up for sex or is he interested?

I met this guy online. He seemed very nice, educated, interesting, has hobbies.. yada yada. So we meet and we have a good flowing conversation throughout the night. We met at a bar, then we grab a bite afterwards. He paid for everything. Then when he walks me to my car to say good night we make out.. then he invites me back to his place! I tell him Im not like that.. so then he asks me if he could take me out again.. we have our next date planned out.
I was a little upset he asked me to go back to his place the first time Im meeting him in person.. But because he wants to take me out again.. do you think he is actually interested or just in it to get some?
He personally seems a bit arrogant and very sure of himself...


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  • If he's genuine. He wouldn't make you uncomfortable. I personally wouldn't had done what he did.. but that me... i would go with the flow... get to know the person...


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  • See how things turn out, then ask him what he's interested in terms of relationships.


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  • Just keep going out with him with no sex. If he keeps going then maybe he is interested or just trying to land you. It honestly could be either, you need to try out more if you are willing. Just don't sleep with him since you don't want to.

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