Does getting a first date really mean anything?

I met a girl off online dating and we've really hit it off, we've been texting each other all day everyday for a week now and we seem to get along great, have a lot in common, and even have several mutual friends!

We've set up to meet up for a date and I'm really excited! But at the same time, really nervous.

What does it even mean if a girl wants to go on a first date with you, other than the fact that she MIGHT like me?

Do you think it would be a good Idea to FaceTime her first? That way it's not our first face to face encounter and might make things less awkward?


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  • Some people don't even get a first date. You should be happy that she's interested in investing her time, money (maybe?) and emotions on you. Yes a first date is always a good thing and a first step to the other dates after that. You should know that! She MIGHT like you? She already likes you if she's giving you all that attention and all... there's no MIGHT in it. She does!

    If someone didn't like you, you would NEVER hear from them. At least the honest women will not want to waste their time dating someone that they don't really like especially if they are older and want to settle down.

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    • Oh I'm very greatful and excited about this first date! Thanks for the reassurance! I just know first dates tend to be a time where a girls kinda feels a guy out, I'm just hoping that I meet her expectations.

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  • Um, yeah a first date is an insight to see whether or not there are many more dates to come.. And it could lead into a serious relationship.. Probably dont facetime it.. Just have fun at the first date and let it be a surprise thing (for meeting each other for the first time)


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  • My first attempt at a date (and come to think of it, my ONLY one) was a fail. We decided to go to Starbucks, then her grandmother got sick and her parents had to go to Mexico... We never went but it was fine. I do not believe this to be too important, but it would mean something.

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