In the dating world, are women really as inferior as they sound/appear to be?

not to be rude, sexist or anything.

but this is what i been analyzing for the past years. most women, or at least the loudest ones that stand out of the crowed seem to always complain about how hard is for them to get attention from men. the ones that are single pf course.

the one who are taken in the other hand are always complaining about how hard they have to try to keep their boyfriends. i had a similar experience with this myself. i once use to go out with this girl that would frequently get jealous towards me. i tried to convince her that i really had no edge in getting into a relationship with any other woman. yet she replied that that was a lied because i'm a man and men could have any women they want.

i mean is this really true?

all my life i really though it was the other way around. i mean after all women are a lot more choosier than us, which of course gives us no other choice but to tried harder and put more effort when it comes to conquering women. also lets not forget that we men aren't as choosy as women, which gives women a bigger edge in attracting men.

but anyways, is this really true? do women really feels this inferior in the dating world? and if so, why


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  • It really depends on what age bracket you're talking about. In high school, and college, during people's early 20's, yeah, women are the choosy ones, they run the show. However, after 25, father time smacks women like the bitches they are, and their beauty starts to fade rapidly. This is when men become empowered and get to pick and choose more.

    • makes perfect sense. the girl i was talking about was in her early 30s. though she tried to trick me into telling me that she was only 25 back then. though she really got me at that time cause she looked pretty good for her age.

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    • Just bc I'm 30 I would never let man smack as the bich I am. Totally wrong

    • @Baegal I hope you realize father time is a metaphor for time itself and not an actual man who is going to actually smack you... Sheesh.

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  • i think people just like to complain

  • it's not a matter of feeling inferior... it's about having absolute shit to choose from. there's one great guy for 100,000 fucktards.

    • so does this mean that i was the good guy she was after?

    • ... i doubt it.

    • thats pretty contradicting. not only did she chose me out of those those 100,000 fucktards. but she also felt insecure and worried in letting me go

  • Why did you use the word conquering to describe your ability to get a woman and attracting with regards to a woman? Everyone is different and there are no rules which apply universally. When people start realising this they will be much more successful in many endeavours.

    • what other word should i've used?

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    • well i dont care... what people think about me is not my problem

    • Yes, but it gives insight into your attitudes and why you're encountering and interpreting things as you are.

  • I doubt it? Most guys on here complain about how at any given time a girl has several guys who are willing to date her and guys can't say the same about themselves lol

    • ok? i'm lost... exactly what are you talking about?

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    • that was exactly what i was talking about in my 2nd and 3rd paragraph. i explained that clearly. unless you are like the rest of the people who read the headlines but never read the whole story

    • I thought that you meant you saw it that way and had changed your mind. But yes girls are very insecure so that would be why.

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  • You've made a lot of unsupported claims in your description, and I didn't really understand what you mean by "inferior," can you be more clear about it?

    Also, yes you did sound sexist, and sexism is part of the problem. Certain beliefs (bad ones) are woven into society and comes from a long history of anguish in many forms, women usually with the brute end of it.

    Think about where we came from. If a man slept with a woman and left her, he would have little issues moving along with his life, but the woman could be stuck with a baby, no provider, and in certain times and places, they would even kill the woman or exile her. They evolved with the prospect of their baby's future in mind. It is hard wired into them, and society's primitive beliefs about sex, love, and dignity perpetuates it. .

    • you didn't understand my the main part of my question yet you assume that i was being sexist.

      ok buddy, i asked a question and expected an answer. i was not asking for no beta masculine preachment

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    • asker we aren't offended we're simply answering your question. You're the one who is acting offended, if you can't handle opinions that don't fall in line with your view then don't post in a public forum inviting people to comment.

    • Man, you even voted "jointhePATRIARCHY" as most honest. How in the FUCK do you not see how sexist you are? You didn't want an honest answer to your question, you wanted validation for your corrupted beliefs. Am I offended? No, I pity you for your inability to form meaningful relationships, as I said, you don't have the capacity to offend or defeat me. You didn't even ACKNOWLEDGE my answer, you only cried about your flaws. Yes, you have flaws... you should deal with them, not find others with similar flaws to back you up, that's pathetic.

  • yeah join the patriarchy nailed it

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