I like an older guy and he knows (details inside)?

(Sorry for any English mistakes, I'm not native. And I'm stressed, so there are a lot of run-on sentences.) So, here's the thing. I'm in Junior High School and this guy, let's call him V, is a senior in High School. I , let's call me M, have this huge crush on him and one of my friends knows. She didn't tell him about me specifically, just, “Oh, one of my friends likes you" and he started guessing names and she kept saying no and then he got to mine and she was like “I can't tell you" and that was probably when he got it (this is an awful run-on sentence). I was looking for her at the time and I found her and I was like “Woop, there you are!" and he was with his friends (one of them was my brother's godfather's nephew) so one of them asked me “What's your name?" and I said “M" so he goes “Oh, you're M?" and I'm like “Yeah?" So then we left and she told me what she'd said. Of course, I freaked out and told her she was crazy.
Exactly what she told me: “I told him that one of my friends liked him and he started guessing names and all that..." –fast forward all that stuff I told you– "but he doesn't mind the age gap, don't worry. His parents are, like, twenty years apart. He's not creeped out that you like him." I can't remember after that but she supposedly finds me gorgeous – I can't see the appeal but whatever – and thinks that I should make a move. I probably won't but I'm still nervous because I'm so much younger and he's probably just trying to be nice and AAARGH. He probably thinks I'm so ridiculous right now. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.
Oh, and I don't know if this matters but I caught him looking at me a couple of times. I just feel so confused sometimes.


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  • I'd highly advise against it. I've seen this happen to a lot of my friends. They were young and dumb too. All the older guy did was use them to bone. Most of them at least. They usually like "fresh meat" because you're easier to manipulate and fuck.
    I'm gonna get downvoted like crazy for this, but that's what I've seen. Maybe only a very few older guys didn't use them for a quick hump, but that was a few. Definitely not worth it, in my opinion. But do what you want. Make your own mistakes, but I'm telling you what I've seen. Just like I told all my dumbass friends.
    In Latino America we have a saying, which translates to:
    "Let them (be an idiot), that way they'll learn.'

    Good luck.

  • Age differents :D I wanna marry someone who's at least 7 or 8 years older than me.. haha :)... don't worry every thing will be fine :)

    • Thanks. :) I tend to overthink things, haha.

    • If you ever need help again, you can message me :)

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