Do girls also put guys into various categories other than just friends?

Such as dating a bf but yet never wanting to marry him? Or hanging out with a guy for fun (not just the friendzoning thing and nothing else happening) but not even wanting him as a bf?

Some guys do that with girls but does vice-versa happen too?

Personally, I don't do (I'm still a virgin and right now dating this girl from my former HS; not my gf yet but gonna see how it works out) that but a couple of my friends do.

I've long heard of the wifey material term but do girls think about certain guys as husband material while others are just fun to be with?


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  • Yeah, we do that, i think it's kinda normal. There are a million scenarios of why a girl is talking to a guy. Being the bf is just one of them :)

    • Yeah, I guess it's about even. I can think of one scenario and it's happening to this male co-worker. He would play the fields for so long and supposely found the girl he considers wife material. What he doesn't know is when we were invited to a social gathering of his, I heard the girl telling a female friend something like ''He's ok, yes I love him but marrying him, no way... I'll one day break up''.

    • Well, yeah. Even if he thinks she's wife material, maybe she doesn't think the same. Or maybe she's not ready for this step.

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