What should I do? I just need an advice?

I have a virtual "boyfriend" . He will come to visit me in April, but I didn't tell anybody that I have a bf and I don't know what I gonna do when he comes to meet me :/ And he will have to come back to his country and if for some reason I cound't see him again.


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  • Three years ago a man from Egypt found me on FB and we had started a whirlwind romance------Virtually at first. After going Literally on Skype and Yahoo, I got to know him better, along with his lovely family. I then flew off to the magical land of Cairo, where I had stayed 30 days with him. Things went so well that after returning to the states, I embarked again my journey back over, where we ended up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice.
    I have since returned, trying to hold on to a LDR, but with our many ups and downs, a lot of it my fault, we have come to the point with our breaking up and making up-----There is very little love left to be had. I have Not returned to him for over two years now, for with the diseases and Middle East at its all time worse, I have not gotten on a flight back to be with him. He is bitter and lonely. It has caused much strife in our life.
    It takes two special people to make a LDR work and when only One or none of the partners isn't putting enough time, effort or even compromise into this hard to handle stretch of highway, it can go dead in the water real quick.
    Do some soul searching, NitinhaM... It's still far off from Now until April and a lot can happen from Now until then. The most important thing to worry about at this given moment is open lines of convo or else you have Nothing Nor ever Get to the point of not only the 'Point' of no return But----He never came to visit me after all.
    Good luck, God bless.

    • Thank you for allowing me to lend a helping hand...:)) xxoo

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  • I'd say end the relationship, you haven't even met him, or even if you have, it doesn't seem anywhere close to serious or doable. Just look for someone more accessible

  • be honest to yoruself and to him!! Do you believe it can work out or not? If not just tell him... he need to that!!

    • yeah... I like him and he said he likes me... but I am too anxitous to see him and I can't think clearly

    • I have been in such situations too... it's normal I think! If you really like him just meet him otherwise you will regret it if you don;t meet him!!

    • yeah... Thanks a lot

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  • Em... So what's the question? And what the hell is the "virtual boyfriend"? Let people know you have a friend coming to see you, if you want other people to know about that. Take him out for a walk, show him your city. May be after you'll meet each other you'll understand you don't like him that much and it's going to be better to stay friends. So just be yourself, have fun, friends who live in other countries is a great thing in any case.

    • yeah... you're right... maybe I am just too anxious to see him