Why do boys do this?

He rejected me a couple of months ago saying he only liked me as friends...
So I was walking out a classroom and I saw him from the window so I told my friend to look at him, cause i did not make any eye contact with him. She told me he was smiling right when he saw me and kept smiling until we did not walk away...
His brother sometimes laughs when they both pass by me sometimes... And they stare at me also If I pass by...

I have known him for three years if that is important?


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  • It is possible that in those couple of months he has grown to like you - knowing that you feel the same way. However it may also be that he was just happy to see a friend or thought you were very beautiful.

    • he showed signs of liking me first, he has whispered that he had a crush on me and all, but then i pretended i did not hear, when i said what, he said nothing and he almost fell out of his chair..(this was 2 months before i told him that i liked him)

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    • All I can assume is that in those two months he thought you obviously don't like him and that he decided that it would be best to get over you and that he didn't want to get hurt again by you dumping him or not really liking him. I would ask if he wants to meet up and maybe flirt a little, test the water and show him that you like him.

    • i told him that i liked him two months after he told me he had a crush on me.. new year started and he is doing the things i said above :)

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  • Your attention should be on anything else besides the guy who rejected you.

    To answer the question, I suppose it varies for each. Often times however, staring doesn't say much.

  • On to the next!!

  • Because you're a bitch.
    Hahaha I don't know probably it's because of you're not good that

    • Lol, good at what? I was wondering why he stares and smiles at me

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