Whay does your boyfriend get you for your birthday?

What does your boyfriend get you for your birthday? We have been dating for a year and the only thing he has got me has been a necklace for Christmas last year, flowers for vday, nothing for our 1 year anniversary and he sent me flowers today for my bday. It be nice to get more.. not saying it has to be expensive. It's the little things thay count.


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  • Valentine's day - he gave me an old jacket of his, and and a thing to hang on my wall.
    1 year anniversary - he gave me 150 dollars and sent flowers (we were long distance since he's in the military)
    Christmas - he came home and proposed.
    Birthday - a football jersey.

    Another valentine he didn't get me anything, but I didn't care.

    And he's bought me flowers on 3 different occasions for no reason, there's been times where he let's me buy a lot of stuff I want or will buy me food I like as a surprise, just stuff like that.

    My husband is the kindof guy who likes to buy things for others and likes to spoil a girl, plus, he has the money to do it. Like today he's taking me shopping since we got a lot of money this check.

    Honestly, it's nice and sweet, but I don't think it's necessary, for my birthday my husband is just taking me to get my nose pierced.

    It's normal for some people to not be as into gift giving. It doesn't mean he doesn't care, it's just not his style. You can always hint at it.


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  • Various things I've bought included figurines, plushies, boutique chocolate/pastries. I've also tried origami rose but yeah.


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  • he's gotten me a necklace i wanted, a pillow pet, a small sized pillow pet, flowers and chocolate on v day, a teddy bear, a build a bear, a candle, a video game, and he always pays for food or small things for me. like random candy/drinks or ice cream haha. he's gotten me quite a bit, but i can't remember it all. he also got me a hand painted sign that says keep calm and eat a cupcake hahah. oh and glow in the dark stars, and a fuzzy poster. and this kit to grow my own crystal. thats all over the duration of 2 and a half years. he doesn't usually surprise me with things, but he gets me gifts for special occasions.