Why can't I get anywhere with females?

i am a 19 year old male in the uk and i have a problem i just can't get anywhere with females i have only had 2 girlfriends back in my early days of high school i never even kissed and now i try talking to girls and i always get stuck in friend zone or they just think im a weirdo and im still a virgin by the way im not an arse hole i am a decent guy all i want is a half decent looking girlfriend that i get on well with and that i can look after and settle down with what should i do its actually getting me down now :(


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  • Then why would you want that kinda girl anyway? You appeal to the best kinda girl, and those girls are hard to fine, you just gotta give it time and patience...

    • thanks i appreciate you comment :)

    • Yea of course, and ik im a bit younger, but i still can relate..

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  • I'm 19 and I've never had a boyfriend :D

  • maybe it's because you call them females...


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  • Well you're only 19 so you have a ways to go. Just be yourself. Things will fall into place. If you push yourself on girls, you'll end up in the "friendzone" every time.

    • yea i guess so and it just seems like im the only one lol

    • Nope! The problem you're going through has been experienced by everyone since the beginning of time. :) The best way I've found is to go on about your life and when you least expect it, that's when it happens.

  • you want a girl to settle down.
    there one quote "everything that is too much is not good"
    it can relate to your behavior, maybe you are too clingy or don't give a girl space to breathe so you kinda need to focus on things you can do without a partner and see your "girlfriend" as a casual thing you don't get each day.
    craving too much for commitment gets you rid of all those ladies, something I've been through and observating. trust me