Why do think just because their physically attractive that their a hot commodity and gives them grounds to have a stuck up attitude?

Like I laugh when I see a girl who is moderately attractive and knows it, and thus thinks it gives her a free pass to be a douchebag. . . . like just because your physically attractive doesn't mean that's it, like you have to put in no efffot to be a likable person. Being attractive as a female is the MINIMUM requirement. There are PLENTY of attractive females around, so stop thinking your not replaceable, because you are. Because think of it in terms of economics, there are plenty of attractive females around here who DO have a good personality and are cool to hang around, so if you are an attractive female who is stuck up and bitchy, you can't AFFORD to be that way because there are plenty of attractive females who AREN'T stuck up and bitchy so you loose in every way.

So basically, if your attractive and bitchy, you can't afford to because there are plenty of women who are just as attractive and even way more attractive who aren't stuck up and bitchy. Supply and Demand my friend. Econ 101. Learn from it. im just here to help you females out there on some insight.


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  • Rejection. You don't handle it well.


    There, there. You'll be okay.

    • Seems like you intentionally misinterpreted the question for some reason.

    • Not at all, but if I did it's probably because it's a poorly written question. It's wrought with grammatical and spelling errors. Anyway. Your question, which comes off more like a rant, is pretty transparent. Well, what are you asking anyway? It seems as though you are just looking for people to agree with you. Why? According to you, you already know the answer to your own question. The fact that you felt so inclined to use UNNECESSARY CAPS TO PROVE YOUR POINT gives me the impression that you're standing on your soap box whining about pretty girls not being nice. Your usage of "supply and demand" doesn't even make sense. You just threw that in there to make yourself sound witty and intelligent. No one's buying it, brother. You really can't apply economics to human behavior. That's what Psychology is for.

      "Psych101, my friend. Learn from it. I'm just here to help *you*." Bye! <3

    • Yea you really misinterpreted my question, its ok because that seems to be the norm around this forum where people don't read what you type but instead choose to focus on one or two words and immediately frame their entire response based on that, and then extrapolate all this pseudo psychology bullshit out of nowhere. Im not "bitching about pretty women not being nice". Im mearly stated that attractive women who have a snotty personality only due so because they think their in high demand solely based upon their looks. But there is an abundance of attractive women, your not the hottest thing on the block, so you have to humble yourself so that you can compete with these other women.

      So learn to read my shit first cool? And learn to respond the the question cool? I don't want your critique on what you think I think, nor do I wanna hear your wannabe psychologist babbling. Just answer the damn question, or just leave. Simple instructions. See if you follow them.

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  • Uhhhh where's the question? My advice... be an A$$hole to the chick you are talking about (and obviously infatuated with) and she will come drooling to your bed... that is what this rant is about right? You were crapped on by a hot chick and now you can't stop thinking about her?

    • thats is no where close to what this question is about.

  • Because people place a higher value on looks. If there's a whole load if people pandering to an attractive person, who is also arrogant, that individual will have no reason to change how they act. They are in demand.

    A douche is a douche, whether they're ugly or attractive. Just perhaps expressed in slightly different ways.

    There are also plenty of beautiful, humble people. Who are aesthetically pleasing, but that's just a bonus on top of their awesome personality.

  • How is this a question? Why do you feel the need to waste your time here writing this? So what if they're attractive and bitchy? You sound bitter. Go for the girls who aren't and leave it at that. It's okay to vent here but don't bash others like your better.

    And i guess if you really want to know why, it's because they can. They'll always get attention if they are attractive.

    • Their not better. And im not bashing. Im just trying to understand why they think their a hot commodity when their not, thats all.

    • Too much self-confidence? Lol I think it's the attention they get.

  • "There are PLENTY of attractive females around, so stop thinking your not replaceable"
    Lmao, dudes are far more replaceable.

  • Being beautiful is a special power to sway men in their direction.. Karma will bite them one day


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