What do you think it means when someone says this? Anyone feel free to answer?

Ok so there was this guy I was seeing and it's kind of a weird situation anyway. Everytime we're around each other there is chemistry but there's a bit of an age difference. No it's not like he's my grandpa or anything but its more than 10 years lol. He still looks really great and that's what attracted me to him and he's nice to talk to. I'm kind of in a situation where I don't know if I should be in a relationship which guards me from developing feelings. I've only ever actually hung out with him 3 times, but I've known him for almost 4 months already and twice we had sex. The last time we hooked up in the backseat of his car and when we were doing it he told me I turn him on more than he can even understand. lol Then he proceeded to tell me I was crazy. I honestly think he thinks I'm crazy for being attracted to him.. but I don't want him to feel that way? He hasn't talked to me since and ignores my texts.. :/ What do you think that means?


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  • I think he was telling you anything you wanted to hear to get to have sex with you. He is lusting after you thats why he said you are turning him on so much but I would say that he isn't wanting more with you. Backseat of the car he doesn't respect you to have it somewere more romantic or cozy you were filling his sexual needs. You dont go sleeping with men in the backseat of there car until after he has seduced you somewere nice, you do that with your bf for excitement someone who has made you feel special sexualy indoors.

    • well it was kind of a fantasy i was having.. he's a lieutenant officer who happens to be driving my favorite car.. it literally was a fantasy come true haha. Um this was the third time we hung out. First time we drove around in that car and talked on the beach and saw a million shooting stars it was great. I liked him a lot. I was the one who dragged him into the car that last time the first time we did it was in his bedroom with candles because he asked me if i liked that sort of thing lol.. i don't know what he wants though.

    • I was kind of just being lustful myself? I don't really do this but he made this side of me just come out of nowhere!