Is he only looking for one thing?

So I've been talking to my co-worker and I really like him. We've hung out 3 times now and I've had a nice time. On the last date, he asked to see me again and we've been talking since. We haven't kissed yet, but yesterday he sent me a text stating that he really wants to see me naked.

How should I interpret this? He hasn't tried anything in person yet and as I stated we haven't even kissed. I even hung out with him at his house and he did not make any move.

Is he only interested in me as a sex buddy or am I just being paranoid?


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  • your being a girl. women want to make up all kinds of scenario's. men are not complicated like women.
    if he was only interested in sex he would have tried to kiss you and a lot more by now. the fact he is taking it slower shows he is intersted in you. but guys want sex. that is the ultimate goal of getting a woman. but not the ONLY goal. since sex is officially on the table from the 3rd date on he is just getting horny and starting to explore that part. you have already talked about all the other topics... now sex is next up on the list. doesn't mean you have to do it but kissing is not really sex it is just fun... so start doing that if nothing else.
    if you are into sending nudes pics just make sure you cannot see your face. also try to take it so that nothing in the background is recognizable if he were to be a scum bag and show someone.


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  • That's really immature of him, he really messed up his chances. Yes he is only interested in you as a sex buddy, though he sounds like a virgin the way he is bold over text but scared in real life.

  • Sex buddy of course. But its not a bad thing. What else are you good for?


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