Help me. What should I do about this girl?

I really like this girl I used to work with, she is crazy hot, like drop dead gorgeous for real. The problem is she has had a boyfriend for a long time. She's naturally flirty, and when we worked together she used to laugh at everything I said. We only physically worked together a few times, but we always hit it off. One day out of the blue she emailed me and from there we began talking. We always talked through work emails, but then I left and it was my gmail acct to her work acct. It's mostly me pursuing things with her. One Friday recently at like 11pm she emailed me from her personal email acct that I didn't have and it was YouTube video about hot girls being crazy. The email subject was a ;), and the email had the link and her name a cell number like a signature. So now we have been texting, and I asked her to lunch she said "definitely!". So we made plans and I had to cancel the day of. She made it seem like it was hard to get back on her schedule, but I fought back in and today she came and met me for lunch, and it was great. I'm super digging this chick and I don't know how to play this? What should I do? What is my next move? Do I play cool? Wait for her to get back to me?


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  • Bad way to get into a relationship if that's what you're after.