Is a girl saying she is busy a rejection?

Sorry in advance for the extensive detail but thought I should be thorough. I met this girl through a flatmate who brought her with a group of girls back to our flat, I walked her home and we stood for an hour or two on a bridge in the city centre talking - Mostly about me, because she didn't want to talk about herself, I also told her information that I would never normally tell people but I could just talk to her. Anyway, we arranged to meet up a couple of times but for one reason or another we didn't meet. After a few days I asked if he wanted to meet me for coffee and we agreed but she had to cancel, but asked if I was free the following day, we agreed to meet but she brought a friend, later that day I received a text saying that she had fun, I asked if she wanted to meet for dinner the next day, but she had a meeting, but asked if I wanted to meet up in the afternoon, however she text me saying that she had to go into town and did I want to come, or meet up tomorrow, I said that I would come, however, there was a friend of hers also coming - we didn't get on great - but me and her flirted a bit and joked. I then waited a few days and asked if she was free for dinner the following Friday, she said that she wasn't. The next day I asked if she wanted to meet for coffee, she asked why I told a friend she didn't like them - it was a joke between me and my flatmate who she barely knew - when I told her this and asked about tomorrow she said "Riiight, well from what he's said to ___ I'm not so sure, sorry". I then explained it to her and she said she wasn't mad, and not to worry about it, but when I asked about coffee she said that she was really busy with work and stuff. Does this mean she doesn't want to go out or is she just annoyed? Should I ask her to meet me so that I can explain the situation or just leave it and ask if she wants to meet up? Finally did her text mean that she wasn't so sure she wanted to meet up or that it was a joke? Thank you.

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Do I need to find out what has been said to her by her friend and my flatmate before I can decide if she is rejecting me or not?


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  • I can't say for sure, but it sounds like she's not interested and trying to let you down easy. I'd just leave it at that and let her contact you if she wants to go out again.

    • The only reason that I thought she liked me was because she flirted with me quite a bit and when I asked if she wanted to go for dinner the first time she said that it sounded good but she couldn't do it that night. Do you think that what her friend might have said to her is why she is not happy with me, because I don't know what my flatmate might have said to her friend, he may have been angry because he brought the friend home and I made some jokes about it. If I was to ask her what she was told, would you think that as weird?

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    • Ok, thanks for your help.

    • No problem. :)

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