Do I text him back? or do I wait for him to text me?

i met a guy online but we went to school together. and i asked him in the online dating app did you go to this school? and we have started emailing. now we are texting. he texted hi last night but i was sleeping. he then texted me this morning saying hi again to make sure i got his number. we exchanged texts for about 2 hours.. then the texts stopped and i haven't heard from him in 8+ hours. should i text him or just leave it alone till he texts me?

  • do i just text him?
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  • wait for him to text me?
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No text yet. He does have his kid till tonight. Should I text? Or continue to wait...


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  • Texting is a funny game... different people have different texting habits and it's very easy to misunderstand someone because of texting-habit-misinterpretations.

    He texted you, didn't hear back (because you were sleeping) and texted you again.
    Very normal stuff.
    You guys went back and forth for a couple of hours.
    Very normal stuff.
    Then he got busy with something else, or didn't have anything else to say at the time, it could maybe even be something like not wanting to bombard you and have you get tired of him, so he stopped.
    Very normal stuff.
    At this point, it'd be totally fine to text him and say hi... he did the same for you as well.

    Try not to take these things too seriously.
    If you don't hear from him for several days at a time AFTER you've tried contacting him, THAT is when I would say something may be going on.
    But this?
    Things are going well... keep it up, don't be afraid to text him when you want to say hi... there's nothing wrong with it and I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from you and happy that you wanted to talk to him and he didn't always have to come to you.

    I wish you guys the best, I hope things continue going well!


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  • You can text him back, but just know that it's perfectly alright to not hear from someone after many hours.

    There doesn't always have to be constant messaging back and forth. Some space to breathe is nice, makes you appreciate when you do talk even more.

  • I think wait for him to text you back.


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