He likes me or just friend?

This guy friend lives 1hr away
I asked him when was he coming he said I don't know it cost gas money and I need to save
Then I asked so you want to hang out our date
He then said
I want to date but it cost money to go over there and I need to save the money..

Why did he chose date over hanging out?
He nevet texts me..
We really don't talk
Is there a chance he likes me?


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  • personally i wouldn't bother with a girl who lives an hour away, unless she wants to come meet up in my city. why would he, when there are thousands of (assuming) girls in the same city? he sounds like he has options. you sound like you have none (obviously, when you're wondering if a guy who lives an hour away likes you or not) and don't give me any of that soulmate/ the one is worth the long distance crap.. there is no such thing as a soulmate. It's all a numbers game, and you know that. it sounds like he'd probably be open to you traveling to him though.


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