This girl is sending me mixed signals?

So, I met a girl I really like online. We hit it off right away. We were talking for weeks, and planned a perfect date. Suddenly, out of the blue, she said her friend died. She said she needed space from everyone. Later that day, she said she doesn't think she's ready for a relationship yet, and that she just needs time. She said that she still loves me, but not in the way I think she loves me. She barely replied to my texts for a day or two. Eventually we were talking again, just not like we were. She said she is sure we will date, just not for a long time. Recently, we got into an argument. I told her that she cut me off with no warning, and that she hurt me in doing so. The last thing she said was to move on from her then. I didn't reply. I did try to reconcile with her yesterday, but she didn't reply. So I just stopped trying. Today, I woke up and she sent me a snapchat of herself after getting ready. I snapped her back, and sent her a text. Nothing. I posted a snapchat to my story, and she viewed it. Later, she snapchatted me something that said "goodnight snapchat" - which seems like it would be sent to more than one person. But when I checked her score, it only went up by one. What should I do, and how should I handle this? I'm so confused... What is she trying to do?


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  • Drop her. On line relationships are a fantasy. You need to meet women in the real world.